The RTG GROUP only considers individuals who qualify with the groups comprehensive standard of excellence. All group members are required to posses a certification in their practicing modality and be qualified to operate the industry standard of radiological scanners and x-ray units.

The benefit of being part of the group is having the flexibility to experience the different type of atmospheres in our industry. Group members will have access to company incentives such as company housing, transportation methods and expense reports.

Lodging amenities is also a perk when part of the group. As part of The RTG GROUP, you are no longer an individual but rather a part of an elite medical entity. When joining The RTG GROUP, you are considered the best of the best. You will have respect, dignity and carry a professional demeanor as being a Radiologic Technologists.

There are many different compensation packages for group members to choose from. Any where from receiving a very competitive salary to having their salary tailored to what their needs may be or choose a standard family plan with all the benefits. Please inquire with HR for more information.
Thank you for considering The RTG GROUP.