Welcome to The RTG GROUP, a Radiologic Technologist Group. The RTG GROUP is a premier radiologic technologist group that works independently with outpatients facilities, hospitals and clinics. Our group consists of professional, certified
and trained radiologic technologist in their respected modalities.

The RTG GROUP works one-on-one with facilities to supplement their technologists responsibilites to our group. Unlike a staffing agency, the RTG GROUP will always ensure you will have a technologist who is qualified in their respected modality and will be able to meet any schedule brought forth to our group. With our group program, all responsibilities regarding our technologists, schedules, sick days, vacations are The RTG GROUP responsibilities. With having group coverage, we have the ability to to "cover" any shift, any day and any time to virtually offer zero downtime. This means no costly down time for the client because of any unforseen employee reasons. Our group can offer the reliablity our client demands and can trust.

The RTG GROUP main goal is to provide premier allied health care services in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Axial Tomography (CT), sonography (US), Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and general X-ray to our clients. Our technologists are certified in their respected modality and have the knowledge to operate most of today's widely used scanners.

The RTG GROUP works with major healthcare organizations throughout South Florida. Our group also works with the two major sport teams in the South Florida region. The RTG GROUP has the knowledge and expertise to handle all major affiliates to provide the best imaging professionals. Again, thank you for considering The RTG GROUP.

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